Steps to take for your library if you are ordering over $25,000 with one vendor:

  • Contact Shirley ( for a copy of the contract that MLS has with the vendor and take this to your local officials
  • Ask your local official if the contract is sufficient for local purposes
  • The contract can be adjusted.  Change Northampton to your municipality where necessary
  • Your local trustees or city/town officials may want their own paperwork signed.  If this is the case, you will have to follow your towns procurement rules

What local officials require to sign off is up to each city and town to decide.  You do not have to go out for bids however, as that is what the MLS has already done for you.

If you are going to be ordering over $5,000, you must issue a purchase order or a letter to the company saying that you will be purchasing $X per the Regional Bid in Category Y (you will need to specify the category).  This satisfies the “writing” requirement of 30B up to $25,000.

**Remember you should check with your city or town’s chief procurement officer if you are subject to a city or town’s jurisdiction.**