Staff and members in Western Massachusetts suggested that I take a ride on a delivery van to get to know the local libraries. I took the ride yesterday and I was glad that I followed their suggestion. Mary King had informed all the libraries that I would be riding with Brian Marchese on the “T3” route. I was pleased that many library directors made a point to meet me when we arrived. I brought my camera along and many folks obliged me in posing for photos.  We stopped in at 13 libraries, although a few were closed in 12 communities:  Westhampton, Easthampton, West Springfield, Agawam, Westfield, Blandford, Russell, Chester, Middlefield, Huntington, Montgomery, and Southampton.  It was clear that some libraries had experienced growth in resource sharing because the sorting areas were crowded and the staff effort for processing incoming and outgoing materials was growing.  Librarians say that patrons love being able to borrow so easily from other libraries.  (Greg Pronevitz)

During a tour of the delivery and sorting areas at the West Springfield Public Library and President of the Friends of WMRLS, Toni Golinski-Foisy and MLS Executive Director, Greg Pronevitz discussed an upcoming meeting of the Board of the Friends of WMRLS on August 13th. Greg will be attending the meeting in Whately. It will be followed by a Discussion with the MLS Executive Director with library staff, board members, and supporters. (register here, if you would like to attend).

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