With the merging of the former regions there have been changes in Inter-Library Loan services. For fiscal year 2011, The MLS has contracted with the Thomas Crane Public, Quincy and the Wellesley Free Library to handle your requests for most materials.

Journal articles are available through the Illiad request system at http://illiad.bpl.org

Users sign in to their illiad accounts.  If they do not have their account sign in, they can get it from Susan Applegate, 617-859-2332, sapplegate@bpl.org

A page of frequently asked questions has been added to the MLS website at https://masslibsystem.org/ill-information/

For further information contact:

Quincy office, Jim Jaquette at 617-376-1319 / quill@ocln.org

Wellesley office,  Sue Kaler at 781-235-1610, x1112 / skaler@minlib.net

Document delivery: Boston Public Library, Susan Applegate, 617-859-2332 / sapplegate@bpl.org