Visit the MLS continuing education calendar at to see the broad assortment of workshops recently added to our continuing education calendar for this fall. Coming up this month you’ll find:

Supervisory Solutions, an opportunity to get together with other supervisors to develop skills such as communicating your expectations for job performance, organizing resources for changing priorities, and functioning as a leader in your library. Two sessions for each class, offered in both Falmouth and Bolton this fall.

ILL Roundtables that provide an opportunity to meet with both the ILL staff and other people working with ILL in their libraries to discuss the impact changes in regional services may have had on your library and ask question about ILL policies, procedures and practices.

If you have not yet signed up to attend an MLS open house choose one convenient to your library to sign up to meet the new MLS staff and let them know your services priorities for the new agency.

Summer Reading Wrap-Up sessions are also scheduled around the state to evaluate how Going Green went this past summer and introduce plans for participation in the Collaborative Library Summer Program for next year. Plan on attending a session to share your experiences and get a preview of next summer’s program.

WEED It! For a Healthy and Useful Collection will build confidence in a systematic approach with tools to remove those materials that are outdated, in disrepair or just plain shelf-sitters taking up too much space.

Medline Plus Webcast with Michelle Emberle from The National Library of Medicine will highlight features of the MedlinePlus redesign. You will see the improved site architecture and learn advanced search tips. See features like: Videos & Cool Tools page that makes multimedia content easier to find and searchable.

Readers Advisory Roundtable resumes with a discussion of Historical Fiction.
The Historical Fiction Benchmark to be read for the September meeting is William Martin’s Back Bay. Also read a second Historical title of your choice. Really think about what makes Historical Fiction attractive to the readers of this genre.

ebooks: Libraries at the Tipping Point will bring together public libraries, academic libraries, and school libraries (K-12) in a day-long virtual conference environment. The day will be presented online and will include keynote presentations and panel discussions on the evolving concept of the book in a digital world and will keep participants future-focused and actively engaged in visioning and assuring an exciting role for libraries. Attendees will have access to webcasts and live chat rooms as well as the ability to interact with speakers and exhibitors.MLS proudly co-sponsors this event in three locations with the Academic and Research Collaborative of central Massachusetts, the State Library of Massachusetts, and the Chicopee Public Library.