We asked for input, and did we ever get it! Over 600 members shared priorities for MLS continuing education.  Of most resounding interest were e-content:  collection development and databases. There is high interest in roundtables on many different topics.  In addition, staff  prioritzied for continuing education in:

  • Long range planning, personnel issues and evaluating services
  • Local advocacy and public relations
  • Presentation software
  • Books and reading for youth 

There was preference for morning training, with afternoon sessions a second choice.  79% of members still prefer face to face training, though 47% also indicated interest in online training. Those interested in online training prefer self-paced opportunities. 

93% of responses indicated that staff wants to learn about training through the MLS-Announce email list or our website.  Few (about 7%) indicated that social media are the best way to reach them.

Finally, 72 members said they’d like to be contacted about their responses!  We’re pleased and astonished by the interest level.  We will contact a representative sampling of members, so please bear with us.