We’re reconfiguring our staff space at MLS-Whately. When you visit, you’ll see some changes. We hope you can attend our open house on October 24th to see the new space.

MassCat Manager Nora Blake and Member Services/Office Support Specialist Shirley MacLean have moved to the front row of offices on the left as you enter the building. The center office has been converted to a small meeting room.

Our computer lab has gone mobile, allowing us to use our large meeting room more flexibly for large group programs or small group hands-on lab activities. Thanks to input from C/W MARS, we know we can continue to meet training needs for our shared members.

You’ll find Advisors Mary King and Diana Davis in the space previously occupied by the lab. The room will accommodate a soon-to-be-hired circuit rider to help libraries use the Mass BroadBand Initiative effectively, and there’s room for staff expansion, too.

The professional collection, available to all members through MassCat, is now located in the entry hallway.

Why change? We want to bring staff together, use our space more efficiently and save on warehouse heating/cooling expenses.

The recently vacated warehouse/office space will be listed for lease through a realtor based in the Greenfield area. Mark Abramson from The Masiello Group will be listing the approximate 5,000 sq. ft. of office/warehouse space and approximate 2,000 sq. ft. of garage area and will be working closely with MLS to find the best tenant for the most efficient use of the Whately facilities. Let us know if you know a potential tenant or contact Mark directly. Mark’s contact information is:

Mark Abramson
Better Homes & Gardens The Masiello Group
525 Bernardston Road
Greenfield, MA 01301
P: (413) 774-1220
F: (413) 773-3881