This will be the fifth year that the Commonwealth is making an effort to celebrate Family Literacy. Please help promote Family Literacy Month in your library by sharing your programming information. Once again the month of November will be declared Family Literacy Month in the Commonwealth by Governor Deval Patrick.
Family literacy has been defined as:

  • The way parents, children, and extended family members use literacy at home and in their community (including libraries) (International Reading Association’s Family Literacy Commission)
  • The passing of knowledge from one generation to another (National Center for Family Literacy);

Family literacy programs address the intergenerational nature of literacy. Do you offer a family story hour where parents either participate (such as Mother Goose on the Loose, Baby Story times) or special program that involves family members? This may include programming such as family story, craft, puppet shows, and/or film programs?

Would you be willing to share this information with the MBLC so we can demonstrate how libraries across the Commonwealth promote family programming? Please respond to Shelley Quezada at your earliest convenience with as much information that you can supply. We will place this on the MBLC portal site beginning mid-October and through November. We will be launching a newly redesigned portal site within the next few weeks. Please help to provide this information for the many families that will be looking for special programming. Thanks!