Greetings! My name is Anna Popp, and I am one of two new Advisors at the Massachusetts Library System. My area of expertise is Communications, but my library and life experience stretches beyond mere public relations. My communications experience predates my library experience, beginning with my first undergraduate internship in a marketing department. I’ve been a Talent Buyer, sold ad space for print, and served as a Marketing Specialist and trainer for a project management organization. I have 10 years experience in libraries. I have worked in Technical Services, Circulation, administrative support, Adult Services / Reference, adult programming and have served as representative for collective bargaining. I’m also Adjunct Faculty for Simmons GSLIS-West. Now all that experience is packaged neatly for the ease of use of MLS member libraries. (I’m the package.) If you or your staff would like another set of eyes to review a press release or marketing collateral, please contact me. If your library would like to put together a program series and want some advice, I’m here to help. If you have questions about affordable, trackable means to merchandise your collection, I would love to work with you.  I will be reaching out to libraries that fall on my radar, but please don’t wait for an invitation. If you would like assistance with any of aspect of running your library, I and MLS stand ready to assist. I look forward to meeting more of my librarian colleagues over the next year. Email me at or see the bottom of the page for our phone number.

Warmly, Anna