MLS Strategic Planning
The MLS Executive Board approved a process to gather information, analyze the data, and prepare a three-year strategic plan by the summer of 2012.  A Strategic Planning Task Force representing all library types and with representatives from across the Commonwealth was appointed and charged with making recommendations on MLS Strategic, Marketing, and Branding planning efforts.

The planning process had its kick off at MLS’s November 2011 Annual Meeting. A list of the most commonly mentioned items from the Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations, and Results exercise is available.

Member input is essential to the success of this plan. MLS issued a call for volunteers to participate in focus groups as an important part of information gathering. The Task Force has recommended that MLS offer to reimburse attendees whose travel costs are not covered by their employers. We will determine the times and places for the focus groups after we gather information on who will participate.  Deadline extended until January 23, 2012.  Thank you for volunteering!

Environmental Scan
As a prelude to planning, we are publishing brief summaries of important aspects of the environment of member libraries and MLS. We invite our community of members to comment on these documents to assist us in better understanding what our member libraries are facing. We welcome your comments and suggestions to expand this information. Let us know what other aspects of the environment are affecting your library or if you would like to contribute to the process.

Read the environmental scan summaries.