The MassBroadband Institute (MBI) is a state sponsored program designed to supply high-speed internet to over 120 rural communities in western and north-central Massachusetts. (Here is a link to a map of the service area covered by this project.) MLS recognized the importance of this program and, thanks to a $200,000 Gates Grant, will be working with MBI to provide equipment and training to our member libraries being affected by MBI. Attached below is a press release for use by those libraries soon to get fiber-optic connections.

Where indicated, please include content personalized to your library. Your content may look something like this:

“We’re very excited with this development,” says Carnegie Library Director Jane Doe. “With the delivery of fiber optic connectivity our patrons will be able to use things like streaming videos, our staff will finally be able to avail themselves of web-based trainings. And we are so appreciative of the groups who are making this happen.” The Carnegie Library is located at 123 Main Street in Notarealtown. For more information call 413-555-1234 or email

If you have questions about the MBI project, please email Diana Davis. If you would like help with your press release, please email Anna Popp.

MBI Press Release for Libraries January 2012