The MLS Executive Board recently approved the formation of three new advisory committees. MLS advisory committees serve an important purpose. The members provide direct input into MLS planning efforts. The staff and Executive Board rely on these committees to provide valuable perspective and recommendations that will allow MLS to be successful.

We’ve been saying for years that technology keeps moving faster. Now, it is moving faster than ever and in ways that impact all libraries and library users. When we look at technology and communications innovations, we see library patrons with new information alternatives for education, enrichment, and economic development. MLS services are essential to the success of member libraries and we need to evolve in order to assist libraries in facing these changes. And member input is essential to our planning processes.

New Advisory Committees
• Delivery Advisory Committee
• Continuing Education and Advisory Services Committee
• Online Content Advisory Committee

Members were selected from respondents to MLS’s call for participation. We strived to create committees with representation from all four MLS-member library types, i.e., academic, public, school, and special. We also considered the geographic distribution to make the advisory committees as representative of the entire Commonwealth of Massachusetts as possible.

We had many more volunteers than we had advisory committee slots and thank everyone who volunteered. We will have future opportunities to assist MLS in our planning. We hope all members, those who have volunteered in the past and others to consider working with us in your areas of interest.

MLS Committee Charges and Rosters