Greetings from Hershey, PA, where I am representing MA libraries at the Collaborative Library Summer Program annual meeting! I have some exciting news to share. For the first time ever, the CSLP is made up of all 50 states, and we have voted on the 2014 slogans and general theme for 2015!

The 2014 general theme is Science and the slogans are:

Children: Fizz, Boom, READ!
Teens: Spark a Reaction
Adults: Literary Elements

The 2015 general theme is:


Thanks to all who submitted slogan and theme suggestions. We had an intense discussion and voting procession, but I hope you are excited about our future programs!

As a reminder, the 2013 general theme is Underground and the slogans are:

Children: Dig into Reading
Teens: Beneath the Surface
Adults: Groundbreaking Reads

My full report from the conference will be available next week!