MLS is making a request to members to participate in a statewide collaborative purchase of online Massachusetts newspaper content to supplement the statewide Boston Globe and New York Times licenses.  We will provide statewide access to all Massachusetts residents in a manner similar to other statewide databases if we can raise enough money and provide sufficient matching funds to cover the cost.  All libraries and residents will have access regardless of whether or not their library was able to pledge this year.   We hope that all libraries will be willing to pledge their fair share.

MLS is unable to cover the entire cost for this content.  Our goal is to solicit pledges from members to cover most of the cost this year and use MLS matching funds to make up the difference.  We are aware of the fact that many members have licensed some of this content at their own expense already and that it will be impossible for them to cover any part of these costs this year.  MLS will be able to provide matching funds in the first and second year of this project.  If this project is successful and the content is valuable to members, we expect that members will cover the entire cost by the third year.

An email with pledge information was sent to directors and primary contacts of Massachusetts libraries. We ask that only individuals authorized to commit funds to this project submit pledges.

We’ve been informed that public libraries are able to count spending on this collaborative purchase towards the materials expenditure requirement.

The content we plan to provide includes 172 NewsBank Massachusetts titles.  You can see a complete list of titles included and try them yourself by visiting a trial page at the following link:

At this time, ProQuest is only able to provide pricing for statewide access to public and school libraries. We have decided to move ahead without ProQuest for this reason. We have asked ProQuest to reconsider. If we receive pricing for statewide access for all libraries, we will provide another pledge opportunity for the ProQuest content.

If you have any questions, please contact MLS at 866-627-7228 or email

Thanks in advance for your participation.