The final draft of MLS’s Strategic Plan–2013-2015 is ready for comment.  We owe our thanks to the hundreds of member librarians who contributed by participating in our survey and focus groups and to the Strategic Planning Task Force members who designed and implemented the process to get to this point.

Read the plan, follow a link to our online comment form, or register for one of five open discussions about the plan at:

The plan calls for us to focus on services, initiatives and partnerships and provide leadership to advance six themes:

  • Help libraries to explore innovative services and technologies.
  • Promote awareness of MLS services and programs.
  • Demonstrate evidence to prove the value that libraries and librarians bring to their communities.
  • Provide tools to connect libraries and librarians to one another and their communities.
  • Build skills and knowledge among librarians and library staff to meet today’s demands and tomorrow’s promises.
  • Provide leadership for innovative approaches to statewide resource sharing.

We look foward to your comments and discussion.