In collaboration with the Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium (MHEC), MLS is very pleased to announce the new Library Supplies, Archival Products & Equipment Contract! We received fantastic discounts that surpass the discounts the previous MLS cooperative purchasing contracts offered. Contract information is available on the MHEC website at the following link. Please don’t hesitate to contact MHEC or MLS if you have any questions about how to take advantage of these new discounts. In order to access the contract, you will need to log into the MHEC website and search their database for the L50 contract using the search tab. If you are uncertain of how to do so, please feel free to contact Paul Coute ( or Stacey Wikar ( at MHEC for additional information.

Additionally, MHEC is having its 14th Annual Vendor Expo on Thursday, Sept. 20 and Friday, Sept. 21 at the Sturbridge Host Hotel. MLS representatives will be attending on Thursday, Sept. 20 and will be available at the MLS booth. We would like to encourage MLS members to join us at the Expo and take this opportunity to see the many different vendors available through MHEC contracts.

Lastly, there are still spots left for the MLS/MHEC training sessions on Thursday, Oct. 4 at MLS-Marlborough and Friday, Oct. 5 at MLS-Whately.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact Shirley Maclean, Deborah Hoadley or Catherine Utt. Or you may contact either Paul Coute ( or Stacey Wikar ( at MHEC for additional information.