MLS has received pricing from ProQuest for statewide access to 22 Massachusetts newspaper titles to supplement the statewide Boston Globe and New York Times licenses. This list of 22 titles includes variations on two titles.  The number of unique titles is 20.  Current access to full-text is available for 12 titles.

Our member libraries have told MLS that the loss of these titles has had an impact and that returning access is important. While the MLS budget cannot absorb the cost of statewide access for these titles, we accept responsibility for assisting with negotiating terms and transitioning libraries to accepting the financial responsibility of this content. To that end, MLS is pleased to provide a subsidy to launch this project. We will provide matching funds to support the transition for up to two years. During the third and subsequent years MLS will continue to broker the negotiations, however libraries will have full responsibility for funding the service.

A range of suggested pledges is below.  If your library would like to support this purchase, but cannot afford the suggested level, please pledge an amount that you can afford.  It is important to have wide participation to make these licenses sustainable.

Please complete the survey to pledge a guaranteed amount for the newspaper licenses.  MLS will invoice libraries for their pledged amount in November 2012 for payment net 30 days. Making this pledge is equivalent to placing a purchase order with MLS.  However, if sufficient funds to purchase these annual licenses are not pledged by November 5, 2012, we will not purchase the license(s) and we will not send invoices.

If you are unable to participate this year, please fill out your information and skip to the last question about future pledges.  Members have asked that we keep access to online content stable.  If we do not have commitments from a sufficient number of libraries to create stability for the foreseeable future, we will not be able to proceed.

A trial of this ProQuest content, as well as a list of titles, usage statistics and a link to the pledge survey, is available at  Please note that the trial site also includes access to the Boston Globe.  If we are successful at launching this statewide collaborative purchase, this is how the new Massachusetts Newsstand will be integrated with the statewide license for the Boston Globe.   Access to the Boston Globe will continue regardless of the success of the collaborative purchase.

Webinar:  MLS and ProQuest are hosting two webinars to provide an introduction to this content and to give members and opportunity to ask questions about the service or the collaborative purchase.  If you would like to participate in the Webinar with other members and MLS representatives, please plan to attend:

October 17, 2012 – MLS-Marlborough – 3:00-4:30pm
October 24, 2012 – MLS-Whately – 11:00-12:30pm

Statistics for use of much of this content under last year’s statewide license is available at: The statewide license did not include the Christian Science Monitor and the Providence Journal.

We’ve been information that public libraries are able to count spending on this collaborative purchase towards the materials expenditure requirement.

Questions? Call MLS at 508-357-2121 or 866-627-7228 (Mass. only)