During the 2011 academic year and concluding in fall 2012, MLS contacted all of our school library members to update their directory information and determine that they are eligible to be members.  You can find information about eligibility on our website at: http://tinyurl.com/c6ursnv.   A school typically loses its membership when its staffing is not adequate.  (Examples: a high school librarian doesn’t have DESE certification, or an elementary school library is staffed with volunteers)

We began with 1052 school members and contacted every one. One hundred seventy three didn’t respond or indicated that they no longer met eligibility requirements and were removed from membership by Executive Board votes.

MLS takes this process very seriously since it diminishes services to students.  A school library may reapply for membership at any time it again meets requirements.   Membership reinstatement is made quickly when eligibility requirements are in place.

Over thirty of the schools that left MLS have re-joined.  New and returning members are welcomed back each week.  School membership now stands at about 1000.