Please take 5-10 minutes out of your busy day to complete a very important survey.  The information we gather from the membership will be invaluable to MLS in our evaluation and planning.  The survey is open to all staff in member libraries.

The survey will be open until Friday, February 15.

We realize that some staff members may not be aware of all of the services we offer.  We have posted a thumbnail description of services here and we suggest that you check off “not applicable/cannot say” in cases where you are unfamiliar.

This survey is very general by design.  Later this year MLS will be issuing more detailed surveys about your needs for continuing education and advisory services, delivery service, as well as for collaborative purchasing for electronic content.

We will post a compilation of survey results after the responses are tabulated.

Should you prefer to answer the survey via a paper form, you can download a pdf version of it here or contact MLS by calling 866-627-7228 or emailing

Thanks in advance for your participation!

Greg Pronevitz, Executive Director

Survey Closed on 2/16/13