In February, the MLS Executive Board adopted the recommendation of the Resource Sharing Committee that mediated interlibrary loan service should be internalized into MLS and integrated with other resource sharing services.

Recognizing years of excellent service provided by the contracting centers at Quincy and Wellesley, Executive Director Greg Pronevitz commented,  “Current services are outstanding, and the decision is not a reflection on their quality.  This change enables MLS to reduce costs and to coordinate multiple related services.”

In recommending the transition, the Resource Sharing Committee asked that MLS realize cost savings; improve efficiencies; address network load balance; and evaluate material types borrowed to reduce redundancy.  MLS is also charged with applying cost savings to reducing barriers to ILL services and examining alternatives to traditional ILL, such as on-demand printing.

A transition timetable was also adopted.  MLS libraries can look forward to working with our current ILL centers through June 2014.

Thanks to the Resource Sharing Committee for their deliberations.  They are:  Megan Allen, Anne Berard, Susan Ciccone, Amy Hart, Tom Corbett, Elinor Hernon, Deborah Hersch, Amy Lewontin, Ryan Livergood, Sharon Lux, Margot Malachowski, Susan Raidy-Klein, Chris Steinhauser, Evan Simpson, Giselle Stevens, and Jeannie Vander Pyl.