We’ve been receiving some calls about the upcoming member forum with a focus on resource sharing at Massachusetts Maritime Academy, so I thought I’d share some of the Q&A.  (More information on the February 26 Member Forum)

  1. Is there only one member forum on resource sharing?
    No.  Resource sharing is the focus of the event in February, but we will be providing information on the ILL transition and the MA eBook Project at all of the member forums for the foreseeable future.
  2. When and where are more forums planned?
    It is our goal to hold them throughout the commonwealth and to continue that trend should they prove useful to our members.  We have the next couple planned and certainly recognize that we have other parts of MA to reach:

    1. March 28 at MITRE Corp (Bedford) with a focus on continuing education.
    2. April 16 at the DCU Center (Worcester).
  3. Are there other ways for me to get involved in the ILL transition?
    Yes indeed!  We have a communications plan that we are implementing now that includes our presence at all MLS Member Forums, Clio in the Cloud virtual training and a considerable bump to resource sharing activity and information on the MLS website.  We have also formed an Informal Task Force on the ILL Transition to serve as a sounding board and help keep our focus on member service during the transition.  Members include:

    1. Susan Applegate – Boston Public Library
    2. Jim Jaquette – Thomas Crane Public Library (Quincy)
    3. Sue Kaler- Massachusetts Library System (Marlborough & Whately); Leader
    4. Madeline Kelly – Berkshire Athenaeum (Pittsfield)
    5. Mary King – Massachusetts Library System (Marlborough & Whately)
    6. Stephen Spohn – Massachusetts Library System (Marlborough & Whately)
    7. Elizabeth Thomsen – NOBLE (Danvers)
    8. Amy Lewontin – Northeastern University (Boston); Board Liaison

If you have any immediate concerns or would like us to chat with your group about the ILL transition or the MA eBook Project, don’t hesitate to call.  We already have some meetings scheduled and are planning others in hopes to get the word out and to gather member input into our future plans.  We are listening!

In the meantime, you can keep up with MLS’ Resource Sharing Team here:  https://masslibsystem.org/rs


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