The February 26 Member Forum on Resource Sharing at Massachusetts Maritime Academy was a great success! Our thanks go to the attendees and to our great hosts for making it a rewarding and productive day for all.

MLS Updates

Welcome (Will Adamczyk) – 1 min 31 sec
MLS Update (Greg Pronevitz) – 6 min 33 sec

Continuing Education Update (Carolyn Noah) – 3 min 14 sec

Delivery Update (Catherine Utt) – 2 min 30 sec

Resource Sharing Update (Stephen Spohn) – 4 min 31 sec

Mediated Interlibrary Loan Update (Sue Kaler) – 3 min 2 sec

MA eBook Project Update (Deb Hoadley) – 7 min 24 sec

Breakout Sessions

There were four breakout sessions available for participants:  (1) ILL Transition, (2) eBook Pilot Project and (3) eBooks and Academic Libraries and (4) Other Items.

1. ILL Transition

Sue Kaler and Catherine Utt from MLS led a discussion of the transition to in-house mediated interlibrary loan.  View the session notes.

2. eBook Pilot Project

Deb Hoadley and Greg Pronevitz from MLS led a discussion of the MA eBook ProjectView the session notes.

3. eBooks and Academic Libraries

Stephen Spohn and Kelly Jo Woodside led a discussion on the statewide launch of eContent and MLS support for academic libraries.  View the session notes.

4. Other Items

Carolyn Noah spoke with member libraries who wanted to discuss other areas for MLS.  View the session notes.