The results are in and we are pleased to share this brief summary:

The 2014 MLS Continuing Education Survey received a total of 627 responses.

Nearly 60% of those who responded had attended at least one MLS Continuing Education event in the last 12 months.

The majority of respondents to this survey came from Public Libraries with areas of responsibilities as Directors or in Youth Services.

In all questions in which we asked respondents to identify an interest in a specific topic area, in every category the respondents identified a technology topic as their number one option.

The only topic to break 60% in a very or extremely interested rating was eBooks with a score of 64% in Collection Training and 62% in Resource Sharing.

The most preferred format was Face to Face trainings with 72% of respondents ranking it as the most preferred or preferred method of training.

Go to Meeting and/or Go to Webinar was the most preferred online communication tool with 63% of respondents ranking it as the most preferred online communication tool. Respondents also choose Webinars (ex: GoToWebinar) as the most preferred delivery preference of online continuing education with a rating of 71%.