The Massachusetts Library System has been collaborating with the Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium (MHEC) to provide consortium pricing for library supplies and materials. In an effort to continue to expand and improve upon these contracts, the MHEC has an immediate need for a full-time library procurement manager to work closely with MHEC library members and the Massachusetts Library System members. This is a new position developed to coordinate and focus on the growth of the MHEC library contract portfolio and expansion of library members. The manager ideally will have experience in library services and procurement of library supplies, materials and subscriptions.

The MHEC is a New England-wide public/private purchasing consortium focused on the needs of its over 500 higher education, secondary education and municipal members. MHEC uses its large member base and procurement expertise to negotiate high cost-savings for its members. MLS works closely with MHEC to ensure the products that libraries purchase are available at the best prices possible.

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For more information on the cooperative purchasing program, please visit our coop guide.