Bending Boundaries: Libraries as Publishers, the Mass Library System’s 2014 Spring Conference is now available statewide through BiblioBoard Library.  How do you access Brent Hartinger’s audio of his keynote speech?  See the PowerPoint presentations from our ignite speakers?  Create your own MassLib?  It ‘s easy:

A.     Go to

B.     Scroll through the modules at the bottom of the page and click on the MA eBook Module.  Bending Boundaries is the first one.  Click and enjoy!

C.     If you are using a tablet, like the iPad®, Kindle Fire HD®, Nexus tablets® and Galaxy Tab, download the BiblioBoard Library App.  Choose “Massachusetts eBook Project” from the dropdown menu, click on “Guest Login.”

D.    Scroll to the bottom and click on the MA eBook Module.

If you would like to save bookmarks or favorites, create an account by choosing a username and password.  This will become your login credentials.  You don’t even need your library card number!

There are a lot of other publishers and eBooks available now to you and your patrons from the BiblioBoard site!  This is open to everyone, even if you are not participating in the eBook Commonwealth Collections (statewide eBook Program). Check it out!

If you want more information about the eBook Commonwealth Collections, visit our guide: