Catherine Utt, Business Director, joined MLS in our early days at the old Waltham office.   We were amazed at our good fortune to find a candidate with an MBA and the right experience to manage our finances, HR, and launch MLS’s new statewide delivery service.

Catherine very successfully wrestled with the finances and corporate documents of a complex reorganization to help make MLS what it is today. She worked to build our partnership with MHEC to expand our cooperative purchasing program.

Catherine has made many important contributions to MLS to benefit our members. Her talents and organization have created an efficient and friendly member services team Her team is our interface to members, vendors, and our stakeholders including event coordination, delivery services, purchasing cooperatives, resource sharing, BiblioTemps®, and accounts receivable and payable. Her role on the management team has focused on team building and moving MLS forward on all fronts to serve our members more effectively.

Catherine has done much to make MLS successful and we will miss her. Her last day with us is February 6. Please join us in wishing her well in her new role as ­­­­­­­­Director of Finance and Administration at Jane Doe Inc.