Captured here for posterity are the presentation and notes for the January 2015 Q&A webinar.

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From the Q&A

1. When will enrollment open for FY 2016 and what will be the cost?

We’re working on that right now!  As soon as we finalize the FY 2016 funding model and budget, we will share that along with a timeline for enrollment window(s) for FY 2016.  (Note that we understand that the funding model must be released sooner to accommodate budget cycles.  In subsequent years, we intend to release the funding model in September.)

2. How is content selected for inclusion in the program?

There is a content selection committee comprised of all types of libraries – including elementary schools – that is actively selecting content for inclusion right now and on an ongoing basis.  There is also a mechanism for participating libraries to suggest content for inclusion.

Note that you can also find the title lists for each product in the MLSguide.  The Axis 360 title list includes titles acquired in the recent flurry of purchasing.  (Use the download button when you get to DropBox.  The files are large!)

We will work on beefing up this portion of the site soon to make this information easier to find.

3. How are statistics reported?

MLS is gathering a reporting statistics on a monthly basis for all participating libraries.  You can find those on the MLSguide for the program on the Statistics tab.  Caution: different statistical surveys, (e.g. ARIS), have different reporting requirements.  If you’re not sure what/how to report your participation in this program, please ask.  We’re happy to help!

4. What is SELF-e?

It is an initiative launched by BiblioLabs and Library Journal.  We are participating – though we haven’t ramped it up.  You can find more information about this program here:

5. Can my library filter content that isn’t appropriate for my audience?

Yes!  Learn more about that here:

6. Did you record the video?

Sure. Here you go!