Dear Massachusetts Library System Members,

MLS seeks librarians and staff from member libraries to provide input to align MLS services and activities with member needs. We need your support and active participation to strengthen our Massachusetts library community. Participation is a great way to network with colleagues at other libraries and to prepare for leadership roles on our board and committees. We have two new committees this year:  Academic Library Services Advisory Committee and Purchasing Cooperative Advisory Committee.

Volunteer and Nominations Form

Nominations are due April 17.  Please consider nominating yourself or a colleague for an Advisory Committee or Board Committee today.

Contact us if you have any questions about the important work of these committees. We look forward to working with you!

Greg Pronevitz, Executive Director


Advisory Committees

Our advisory committees provide an open communications channel between members, staff, and the Executive Board.  MLS aims for diversity in library geography, type, and size. Advisory committees meet quarterly.  Members are appointed for two-year terms.  While the best communications is face to face, we recognize that it is not always possible, and we are usually able to provide a mechanism for virtual participation.

Advisory Committee Openings Charge
Academic Library Services *NEW 8
  • Advise MLS about services relevant to member academic libraries.
Continuing Education and Advisory Services 3
  • Advise MLS about continuing education topics of interest to member libraries.
  • Investigate and recommend technologies to deliver continuing education.
  • Recommend policy changes to MLS Executive Board.
  • Advise MLS staff on issues related to providing advisory services to member 
  • Assess delivery workflow as implemented in member libraries
  • Evaluate practices and technologies that lead to improvement
  • Recommend policies for member eligibility for delivery service
  • Make recommendations to the MLS board to realize improvements for adopting libraries
Purchasing Cooperative *NEW 6
  • Work with MHEC to expand cooperative purchasing opportunities
  • Provide input to MHEC in reviewing RFP process and responses
Resource Sharing
  • Advises MLS on activities and plans related to document delivery, mediated interlibrary loan and online content.
Youth Services 4
  • Assess ongoing needs in the areas of youth services (school and public) and 
young adult services
  • Evaluate and suggest programs and services


Board Committees

Our board committees meet as needed. Members are appointed for 2-year terms. While the best communications is face to face, we recognize that it is not always possible, and we are usually able to provide a mechanism for virtual participation.

Committee Openings Charge
Budget 2
  • Make recommendations on the budget and plan of service.
  • Review the Bylaws for the purpose of considering any additional, revisions or amendments, which may be deemed necessary.
Nominating 3
  • Make recommendations to fill vacancies on the Executive Board and to fill officer positions for annual election.
  • Work with the Executive Director to make recommendations on personnel policies.


Other Committees

MLS also has two other committees that handle recruitment in separate processes. These committees are open to participants in their respective programs.

Committee Charge
Commonwealth eBook Collections Steering Committee
  • Provide overall governance for the statewide eBook program.
MassCat Advisory Committee
  • Develop and recommend MassCat system policy
  • Provide input on vendor selection
  • Assist in system planning