On June 22, BiblioLabs will flip the switch to change over to the content that Content Selection Committee has chosen for the coming year. This includes some exciting new offerings like a collection from the Dummies series as well as comic book presses Dark Horse and Valiant. Descriptions and links to the modules are below. Happy eReading from Commonwealth eBook Collections!

Note that the links won’t work for “new” modules until go-live on Monday.

Also, BiblioBoard Core and BiblioBoard Access modules are both still included.

  • African American History
    Multimedia, teaching guides, great for schools
  • African Books Collective
    Over 600 unique books by African authors. Broken up into 6 distinct Anthologies. Includes books on African history, politics, culture, poetry, fiction, memoirs and more
  • Alterna Comics
    Graphic novels, comic books, NY Times Bestseller. Includes children’s comics.
  • Ancient History: A Common Core Collection
    Common Core Aligned, Teacher’s Guides, Ancient History, Greece, Rome, etc.
  • Andrews UK: Digital eBook Publishers
    Over 1,600 unique titles broken into 15 Anthologies – Includes both fiction and nonfiction. ~ Fiction genres include mystery & suspense, fantasy, short stories, poetry, literary classics, satire, historical fiction and innovative fiction. ~ Nonfiction topics include philosophy, religion, comedy, history, European history, memoirs, biographies, guides, trivia and facts. ~ Also includes a Children’s Learning Anthology
  • Archives of the World
    Multimedia, important pieces of history from all over the world
  • Atlantic Publishing
    Business and personal development
  • Basic Health Publications
    Over 200 health-related books and guides for people of all ages and lifestyles ~ Broken up into three diverse Anthologies ~ Topics include nutrition and exercise, medicine and treatment, aging, disorders, stress, depression and more
  • Berrett-Koehler Best Sellers
    Management & leadership, personal development, business strategies & economics
  • Berrett-Koehler General Pricing
    Business and how-to books
  • Bluewater Productions
    Comics & Graphic Novels
  • British Library Common Core
    Historical texts, primary sources, teaching guides, spllemental materials, aligned with common core standards, great for schools
  • British Library: 19th Century
    19th century life around the globe, offers books not found anywhere else online
  • Business SoftSkills
    Business skills videos, study guides, lessons
  • Cherry Lake Publishing: Quality Library and Classroom Resources
    Over 900 K–12 educational books – divided into 8 unique Anthologies. ~ Topics include sports, hobbies, life skills, science, social studies, animals, people, technology and much more!
  • China Books: Books on Chinese Language, Culture & Society
    Books about Chinese culture. Over 30 unique titles ~ Topics include Eastern philosophy, Chinese fiction, Chinese history and culture, contemporary issues in China and more.
  • Classic Comics
    From the “Golden Age of Comics,” wide range of publishers, comic books.
  • Dark Horse
    14 unique Anthologies ~ Over 690 books ~ #1 Independent Comic Book Publisher ~ Third largest U.S. Comic Book Publisher ~ Noteworthy comic book characters such as Hellboy, Buffy, Ghost, Conan and more ~ Includes well-known stories such as Tomb Raider, The Mask, Halo and many others ~ Broken into themes including horror, concept art, vampire books, superhumans, adaptations and much more.
  • Dreamspinner Press (English Titles Only)
    LGBTQ+, English, Young Adult and Adult Fiction, Romance
  • Dreamspinner Press: Foreign Language Titles
    LGBT Fiction, Foreign language, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Romance
  • e-Libro (Cultura/Culture)
    2,200+ books, articles, documents in Spanish ~ Spanish language content from 100+ publishers ~ 15 Anthologies, arranged thematically ~ Religious Topics ~ Books by Pope Francis! ~ Social Sciences ~ Art, Music, Travel
  • Early American Writers: A Common Core Collection
    Teaching guides, great for schools
  • Events in Early American History: A Common Core Collection
    Teaching guides, great for schools
  • Figures in Early American History: A Common Core Collection
    Teaching guides, great for schools
  • Folk and Americana
    American’s cultural history, archival documents, images and artifcats, regional history
  • Hyperink: Awesome Reads for the Busy Person
    Over 850 unique titles ~ Divided into 10 distinct anthologies ~ Topics include literary guides, health and wellness, business, politics, biographies, society, popular culture, entertainment and much more ~ Books written by popular bloggers ~ Built to be easy reads for busy people
  • Indie Rock Stars
    Includes a variety of anthologies form self-published authors wh have sold millions of books
  • Manchester University Press
    Literary criticism, world history, cultural studies on religion and politics. Great for research or independent reading.
  • Markosia Enterprises
    Leading graphic novel publishers of the UK
  • Milk Shadow Books: Alternative Comix & Graphic Novels
    Leading graphic novel publishers of the UK
  • Morgan James
    Business & financial success, nonfiction, Christian literature, and self-help.
  • Orca Elementary School
    Two distinct Anthologies ~ Over 200 titles ~ Carefully selected for elementary school students ~ Teaching Guides
  • Orca High School
    Separated into five Anthologies ~ Over 360 titles ~ Content selected for high school age level ~ Includes Hi-Lo titles and books for reluctant readers ~ Includes teaching guides
  • Orca Middle School
    Three distinct Anthologies ~ Over 340 titles ~ Titles specifically written for middle school age level ~ Includes hi-lo titles and books for reluctant readers ~ Includes teaching guides
  • Poisoned Pen Press
    This module contains 4 anthologies full of mystery novels. Includes police procedural, women sleuths, contemporary mystery and historical fiction
  • Purdue University Press
    Overviews, criticisms, textbooks. Spanish and English. Nonfiction
  • Rio Grande Books: Celebrating Southwestern Culture
    Over 40 books celebrating Southwestern culture. ~ Topics include famous figures from New Mexico, the history of the Southwest, life in New Mexico and the Native and Hispanic populations of the Southwest
  • Rosetta Books
    Over 100 bestselling titles ~ Authors include Kurt Vonnegut, Maria Schriver, Marvin Hamlisch and Ron Paul ~ Broken up into four distinct Anthologies ~ Genres include romance, mystery & suspense, science fiction and nonfiction.
  • Rourke Educational Media: K–12 Nonfiction Books
    Over 1,514 books and guides ~ Includes both English, Spanish and bi-lingual titles ~ Educational, K–12 materials ~ Topics include biology, physical science, astronomy, math, language arts, physics, early learning, board books, community, social skills, social studies, biographies, high interest books, science & technology and much more.
  • Spanish Language History and Literature
    People and events in Spanish history, historical books, docs, images and more
  • Spotted Owl Press: Making Reading a Whoot!
    Exclusive children’s books ~ Available in both Spanish and English ~ Constantly updated ~ A wide range of educational topics such as the ABCs, counting and much more
  • The National Archives: WWI Collection
    400+ historical items from the UK National Archives. WWI letters, photographs, service records and more. 4 curated Anthologies about the war: Technology, Women, Civilians, Propaganda
  • The Ultimate History Project
    Professionally curated content from professors and historians ~ Fun topics from history, including games, technology, pulp fiction and fashion ~ Multimedia collections including video, audio, books and articles from seasoned historians
  • Valiant Comics
    Leading character-based entertainment company with a library of over 1,500 characters, including X-O Manowar, Bloodshot, Shadowman, Eternal Warrior and many more.
  • Victorian Novelists: A Common Core Collection
    Victorian novelists, includes teaching guides, great for schools
  • Wiley (Dummies Consumer)
    Over 480 Dummies books ~ Curated in 5 collections ~ Topics include arts, crafts and hobbies, health and fitness, education, business and economics and house and home.
  • Wiley (Dummies Tech)
    Over 200 Dummies technology books curated in 2 anthologies. ~ Topics include computers, technology, photography, social media, photography and much more.
  • Wolters Kluwer Health: When You Have to be Right
    Over 140 unique titles ~ Accessible for both medical students and professionals ~ Three distinct collections ~ Topics include internal medicine, surgery and other guides and manuals
  • Women in Literature, 1850-1920: A Common Core Collection
    Teaching guides, great for schools
  • World Leaders of History: A Common Core Collection
    This module contains 20 anthologies about some of the most influential leaders in world history. It includes useful Common Core-aligned Teachers’ Guides for ease of instruction. The guides include discussion questions, vocabulary terms, writing prompts and more.