Dear Mass Library System Members,

I am writing to report that the facility at 4 Sandy Lane, Whately, MA was sold to the Town of Whately on October 5, 2015.   This is a positive step for the Massachusetts Library System (MLS) in that it will result in substantial savings over the long term.  We will use these funds to provide direct services.  A 90-day leaseback provision in the sale allows most staff members to continue working in the facility.  The Town will convert the space to use as a Town Hall and a regional EMS service hub to serve three communities.

We are actively seeking a suitable new location to rent space to house the eight MLS staff members that work in our Western office and a welcoming training and meeting space to serve you, our members.   Our target area is along the I-91 corridor between Greenfield and Springfield.

Our next step is to work with the USDA on debt forgiveness.  This will be followed by the initiation of steps to dissolve the Western Massachusetts Regional Library System Corporation, as per the wishes of our mortgage holder, the USDA.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Greg Pronevitz,
Executive Director
Massachusetts Library System
Stronger Together