The Massachusetts Library System will offer a new online summer reading program to 150 public libraries throughout the state.

The Massachusetts Library System selected Wandoo Reader as the summer reading program, developed by Evanced Solutions. Wandoo Reader is designed specifically for public libraries and includes program management features for librarians and engagement tools that excite readers to continue learning throughout the summer.

“We’re very proud to assist our public libraries by offering this advanced tool that helps them engage more deeply in their communities and increase literacy skills during the summer break,” said April Mazza, Advisor for Youth and School Library Services. “We know how important reading is in all subject areas and we are committed to helping our communities continue learning over the summer and provide services through our public libraries that are valuable to our communities.”

Starting January 1, 2016, the Massachusetts Library System will provide funding for up to 150 public libraries to use this popular summer reading software program. The program is supported with federal funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, administered by the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners. This multi-year agreement gives libraries a new technologically advanced online solution that helps create engaging summer library programs and fosters a love of reading for children through adults.

For more information:

April Mazza

MLS Advisor for Youth & School Library Services

508-357-2121 x307