Dear Mass Library System Members,

I am writing let you know that Nora Blake, our MassCat Manager, will be leaving MLS at the end of the week to take the position as director of the Emily Williston Memorial Library in Easthampton.  This is sad news for MLS to lose a valued long-term, talented individual; but very nice news for Nora to be moving up in her career.  The really nice thing is that she’ll become a member!

Personally, I’ve worked with Nora from her day one in 2001. I still remember her interview at the Hatfield Town Hall and how excited we were to offer her the MassCat position back then.  Over the years, she did a great job balancing the needs of numerous stakeholders, e.g., 70 libraries, an advisory committee, and five regional administrators before MLS formed, and later as our MLS colleague.

Cindy Roach, MBLC, sent a note that sums up Nora’s work, “Nora’s vision, determination, and knowledge made MassCat what is today.   She has opened the door to the benefits of resource sharing to libraries across the state. MassCat’s success is due to Nora.”

We all wish you the best Nora!