I am pleased to report that last week we signed a ten-year lease for office space at Potpourri Plaza (241-243 King St. in Northampton). MLS staff will move into our MLS-Northampton Office within 30 days. The space will be delivered in phases because part of it is occupied now. Phase one will be office space for staff members. We will also have scheduled use of a shared meeting room on the premises available to us.

Phase two will be delivered in November/December 2016 and will include a large meeting room.

In the meantime, renovations are in progress, computer networking is being installed, and we are excited to have found a permanent office in this central location with sufficient space and parking. We’ll schedule an open house soon to invite members to visit and we hope to start scheduling events at MLS-Northampton by the end of the year.

As you know, we sold the Whately facility in October. Since that time our office has been located in the facility in small temporary quarters hosted by the Town of Whately. We appreciate the Town’s hospitality; while at the same time we have been conducting a diligent search for new permanent office space.

I would like to thank everyone—members, staff, and elected officials for your patience and suggestions during this time and I’d like to recognize the Western Massachusetts Library Advocates who provided helpful assistance and advice.

Our telephone numbers will not change. However, please use the MLS-Marlborough mailing address for all correspondence because we’ll eventually be giving up the post office box (225 Cedar Hill Street, Suite 229, Marlborough, MA 01752).

We look forward to seeing you in Northampton!

Greg Pronevitz,
Executive Director