A number of changes are afoot with the Gale databases:

  • New video content added, November
  • Artemis Literary Sources will become Gale Literary Sources, December 19
  • New features for GVRL eBooks, December 20

New Video Content

Last month, Gale announced that video came to Kids InfoBits. Now, they’ve added more science videos to Research in Context and Science in Context.  In addition:

  • Research in Context added 743 new videos geared around middle school / junior high curriculum.
  • Science in Context added 136 new videos, featuring life science topics taught in high school.
  • Kids InfoBits now has 603 videos!

Learn more in the Gale Blog

Gale Literary Sources

On December 19, Artemis Literary Sources will become Gale Literary Sources.  The new design is mobile responsive and introduces improvements to accessibility for users with visual impairments.  To dive in:


New GVRL Features

Gale has announced enhancements coming to GVRL. These new features will give individual libraries the ability to create new subject categories and modify the display of GVRL ebooks.  Initial features will include:

  • A “Librarian log in” portal, using the library’s existing Gale Admin credentials, to customize GVRL.
  • Drag and drop to reorder books on each subject “shelf.” The two classic options are alphabetical or by publication date, but with the new enhancement librarians can put titles in any order! The first five books of the subject category also appear on the GVRL home page.
  • Add custom subject areas and group the eBooks that the librarian selects for that category.
  • Drag and drop to reorder the subject categories from the right-sidebar menu. If a library wants to feature a specific subject at the top, now it can!
  • Users will also notice an improved iPad experience and minor design changes to improve accessibility.

Get Help with the Databases!

Need assistance with Gale or other statewide databases, visit the MLS databases support site.