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Issue: January 18, 2017


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TONS of new training sessions added!
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New web browser reader for Axis 360…
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The connection between libraries and self-publishing…
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Task force releases draft positions…
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Some advice from Anna McCall at Nevins Memorial Library…

The Commonwealth eBook Collections program is brought to you by the Massachusetts Library System in partnership with the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners and participating libraries and is funded, in part, by the federal Institute of Museum and Library Services.


Upcoming Training

There are 30 training events in the calendar right now including the Academic ePublishing Symposium on February 23! Just a taste…

Full CEC Training

  • 1/26 webinar
  • 2/2 Bourne
  • 2/22 Northampton
  • 2/28 webinar

Want More?

Request a live session near you!

Other Events

  • 1/18 – Scoping Axis 360
  • 1/18 – Axis 360 ReadNow Browser Reader
  • 1/26 – CEC Q&A
  • 1/27 – BiblioBoard Overview
  • 1/31 – Evidence for Indies
  • 2/14 – BiblioBoard Creator

What’s New

New Browser-Based Reader for Axis 360 Launching Soon

Axis 360 users will now use the browser-based reader to enjoy eBooks in Axis 360. This is a feature request that came directly from Massachusetts libraries and is especially important to Chromebook users. Upcoming training sessions for the new Reader are posted on the CEC site.

“With Read Now, patrons who enjoy reading eBooks on their Chromebooks, Macs, and PCs can read them within their browser without having to download an app. Patrons can take notes, highlight text, and even look up terms and phrases with a few clicks. Best of all, patrons can save their eBooks to their browser’s cache for use when they are offline!”

Open Enrollment

Commonwealth eBook Collections enrollment for new participants will open in February. Keep an eye on your inbox!


Join us for a look at the relationship between libraries and self-publishing in this upcoming LJ webinar on January 31: Evidence for Indies: Exploring the Library Journal Self-Published Book Survey Report.


Our new logo is nearly complete!

Action Alerts

The Marketplace Action Task Force has drafted four very broad positions for the Commonwealth eBook Collections Steering Committee to consider. Upon approval, the task force will draft full statements that will be used to take action on important industry items as they arise. The draft positions/areas are:

  1. Accessibility

    We must all work together to ensure that all libraries users have equal access to the content we make available. This includes working with our vendor partners to ensure that accessibility in its broadest sense is a priority and is infused in all aspects of the product life cycle. This includes a commitment from the library community to make accessibility a priority and to provide constructive guidance to product developers.
  2. Copyright and Licensing

    As the eBook marketplace continues to mature and as publishers and distributors continue to seek viable business models, we must continue to advocate for licensing terms that honor copyright provisions for fair use and the first sale doctrine. Currently, patrons may be blocked or limited in copying, printing, sharing and other reasonable uses of eBooks.
  3. Interoperability

    Libraries must be allowed to choose the products and materials that best meet the needs and interests of their communities. Closed systems and silos limit choices and/or create confusion among library users. Libraries should be able to (1) buy eBooks and host them in a suitable system of their own choosing, (2) provide seamless unbiased discovery of eBooks and other electronic collections and (3) receive support from publishers, vendors and distributors as needed to do so.
  4. Data and Patron Privacy

    Libraries are champions of patron privacy. All vendors that supply platforms that collect patron information must (1) provide a proper privacy statement and (2) provide assurances that patron information is used only in accordance with the policy and (3) provide assurances that patron information is protected.

Celebrate MA Libraries

Shout out to Anna Call at Nevins Memorial Library in Methuen for a great post in Foreward Reviews!