Post contributed by Nicholas Molinari, Milford High School Librarian

ILL is a lifesaver for me, expanding our modest high school collection to encompass virtually anything we can conceive of.  My patrons borrow all sorts of materials – from beginning reader books to bound dissertations.  We often like to throw curve balls to the ILL staff, like long titles in German, and they always do a fantastic job of getting the material.

But I have to confess: I use ILL as much as my patrons. Just this year alone I’m borrowing a copy of a book that was shipped from Germany and another rare, $4,000 reference work shipped from a university halfway across the country. What makes the second book so special is that I can re-photograph the plates, which aren’t as nice as on the reprints. I would never have the time (or money) to get this work and many others like it on my own.   ILL in Massachusetts even played an integral part in the publication of my own book:

And, of course, I was sure to thank the Massachusetts Library System Resource Sharing Team in the preface, because I realize what a vital resource it is:


Next semester we’ll begin an advanced library research program here at MHS, in which students work on a single essay for the entire semester. This means we will surely expand our requests even more!

Happy blogging ILL friends!

Nick Molinari
School Librarian, Milford High School

[Editor’s note: Congrats on the book, Nick! “Potamikon : sinews of Acheloios : a comprehensive catalog of the bronze coinage of the man-faced bull, with essays on origin and identity.” Wow! Glad we could help!]


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