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MLS member libraries who purchase through the Massachusetts Higher Education Collaborative (MHEC) should be aware that Follett’s acquisition of Baker & Taylor (B&T) will have immediate impact on some members’ purchases. K-12 members who are serviced by B&T will be moved over to Follett School Solutions. Follett has chosen not to participate in the MHEC contract.  Members who would like to continue with Follett School Solutions should do so with the understanding that those purchases will not be covered by the consortium contract, and will not have blanket 30B compliance. There are other suppliers on the MHEC contract that may be suitable substitutes: for example, Cavendish Square, Ingram, and Scholastic.

Baker & Taylor will be extending the current contract pricing and will keep all accounts for MLS members open until the end of the fiscal year, June 30, 2017.  MLS members who continue to purchase from B&T after June 30, 2017 will not have blanket 30B compliance. There are many vendor options in the MHEC library contracts. MLS members who would like help reviewing options can contact Jackie Cashin at MHEC.

Jackie Cashin
Manager Library Procurement Contracts