Post contributed by Barbara Oberlin, Librarian, Gale Free Library

Well, I just read Hansie’s invitation to participate and my first post immediately walked in the door!

A woman, all smiles, walked in the library, looked at me, and excitedly said “It’s here!”  “What’s here?” I stupidly asked, not recognizing this dear woman, unlike most of my ILL patrons.  “The books!” she said.  “He called and said they came in!”  Trying not to sound even more ignorant than I am, I smiled and said enthusiastically, “That’s great!”  The patron then went to the Circ desk to pick up whatever it was she had requested.

That little anecdote was a nice reminder for me that the stuff I do everyday, sometimes almost without thinking about it, makes a difference to people.  And also a reminder to keep my verbal tap dancing skills sharp!  😉

Barbara Oberlin
Reference Librarian
Gale Free Library, Holden

[Editor’s note: Thanks, Barbara! It’s great to hear about the patrons, especially for us here at MLS, as we don’t often get to see them!]


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