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Massachusetts is facing a geographic crisis of unprecedented proportions.

Southhampton and Southwick are on the West delivery route, but Southborough and Southbridge are Central.

Northampton and Northfield are West, Northborough is Central.

Centerville is on the South route, Middleton is Northeast, Middleborough is Southeast.  Um, did we forget what “middle” means?

Westborough and Westminster are Central … Westford is Northeast … Westwood and Weston are Metro … Westport is South.

Easton and Eastham are both South.  More egregiously, Easthampton is West!

Norfolk, Norton and Norwell are all South, while Medway, Medford and Medfield are Metro rather than Central.  LOWell is North, UPton is Central, and NORTHEASTERN University is on the Boston route, not Northeast!

Oh, and while we’re at it, somebody failed to put Rockland anywhere near Rockport.

Thank goodness for Westfield and Westhampton, on the West route.  Honorable mention to Topsfield in the North.  The rest of Massachusetts is just ridiculous.

[Editor’s note: Thanks, Anonymous! If we could explain it, we would!]


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