We though it might be interesting to provide a list of selected titles your patrons asked for after, let’s say, November 8, 2016. We’ve handled over 7,000 requests since the election, and have noticed a few interesting patterns. Let us know if any of the titles pique your interest, or if we missed anything!

Achieving our country : leftist thought in twentieth-century America

Actively caring for people : cultivating a culture of compassion

Against democracy and equality : the European New Right

Ages of discord : a structural-demographic analysis of American history

America, the owner’s manual : you can fight City Hall–and win

The American anomaly : U.S. politics and government in comparative perspective

The American people : creating a nation and a society

The American promise : A history of the United States

America’s counter-revolution : the Constitution revisited

The anxiety handbook : the 7-step plan to understand, manage and overcome anxiety

The architecture of neoliberalism : how contemporary architecture became an instrument of control and compliance

The art of American health care

Baseball as a second language : explaining the game Americans use to explain politics!

The best democracy money can buy

Bridging multiple worlds : case studies of diverse educational communities

Changing poverty, changing policies

The complete book of emigrants, 1607-1776

Considering counter narratives : narrating, resisting, making sense

Counter-insurgency warfare : theory and practice

Defending free speech : selected commentary by the Ayn Rand Institute

The deliberate dumbing down of America : a chronological paper trail

Determinants of democratization : explaining regime change in the world, 1972-2006

The devil in DC : winning back the country from the beast in Washington

Disaster capitalism : making a killing out of catastrophe

Economic risks of climate change : an American prospectus

Eight steps to happiness : the Buddhist way to loving kindness

Election law : cases and materials

The emperor has no clothes : teaching about race and racism to people who don’t want to know

The end of inequality : one person, one vote, and the transformation of American politics

Ensuring intellectual freedom and access to information in the school library media program

First in the nation : New Hampshire and the premier presidential primary

Four crises of American democracy : representation, mastery, discipline, anticipation

Framing the modern constitution : a checklist

Freedom of speech in the United States

Gender, race and class in media : a critical reader

Give us the ballot : the modern struggle for voting rights in America

Great again : how to fix our crippled America

Growing up between two cultures : problems and issues of Muslim children

Hillbilly elegy : a memoir of a culture and family in crisis (many requests)

Immigration and nationality laws of the United States

The imperiled cutthroat : the fate of Yellowstone’s wild trout

The imperiled presidency : leadership challenges in the twenty-first century

In Trump we trust : e pluribus awesome!

Information literacy and social justice : radical professional praxis

The inner enemies of democracy

The kindness of the hangman : even in hell, there is hope

Libraries, human rights, and social justice : enabling access and promoting inclusion

Many heads and many hands : James Madison’s search for a more perfect union

Mastery of your anxiety and worry

Narcissism and politics : dreams of glory

No neutral ground : standing by the values we prize in higher education

The party is over : how Republicans went crazy, Democrats became useless, and the middle class got shafted

Pendulum : how past generations shape our present and predict our future

Perspectives on libraries as institutions of human rights and social justice

The places that scare you : a guide to fearlessness in difficult times

The plot to hack America : how Putin’s cyberspies and WikiLeaks tried to steal the 2016 election

A political history of the Bible in America

The politically incorrect guide(tm) to the Constitution

The politics of resentment : rural consciousness in Wisconsin and the rise of Scott Walker (seven requests)

Power to the people : Russian strength training secrets for every American

Putin vs Putin : Vladimir Putin viewed from the right

Selfish, whining monkeys : how we ended up greedy, narcissistic and unhappy

Shouting fire : stories from the edge of free speech

Sons of Wichita : how the Koch brothers became America’s most powerful and private dynasty

Soul of a citizen: Living with conviction in challenging times

The spiritual president

State and local politics : institutions and reform, the essentials

Static: government liars, media cheerleaders, and the people who fight back

Strategic relocation : North American guide to safe places

Stress-free chicken tractor plans

The struggle for your mind : conscious evolution and the battle to control how we think

Trump : the art of the deal

Trumped! A nation on the brink of ruin…and how to bring it back

War with China : thinking through the unthinkable

What is populism?

What Washington gets wrong : the unelected officials who actually run the government and their misconceptions about the American people

When chocolate isn’t enough

Why Civil Resistance Works

The world order : a study in the hegemony of parasitism



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