Those of us who work in interlibrary loan love a challenge. Occasionally, though, we’re stymied by titles we just can’t get, no matter how many OCLC numbers we try or libraries we email. For example, lately we’ve had a number of requests for the audiobook version of J.D. Salinger’s The catcher in the rye, and we’ve been a bit mystified at our lack of success! It turns out it is (very occasionally) possible to borrow, but the audiobook is in extremely high demand, and is usually checked out. The reason? The Salinger estate is mighty stingy about audio rights!

A few other resources also elude our best efforts. While patrons can pay Audible to listen to Stephen Fry narrate the Harry Potter series, we’ve had scant success in obtaining copies through ILL. And if you want to see Julie Walters as an amateur opera singer in One chance, well – you won’t have much chance at all!

Other films were requestable in the past, but available lenders have dwindled or petered out. These titles include Love with the proper stranger, with Natalie Wood and Steve McQueen, or Alan Ladd hitting the high seas in Two years before the mast.

Song of the south is another film that has given rise to much controversy over the years, yet is still requested, often in vain.

Do you have a title or two that your patrons are yearning to borrow, only to be tripped up by legal stumbling blocks or publisher apathy? Write and let us know!



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