We hope this blog will give us an exciting opportunity to showcase some of our more unusual lenders. The National Library of Medicine (NLM), located in Bethesda, Maryland, is a wonderful “library of last resort” for all kinds of medical materials, including audiovisual resources.

Although NLM items can’t be requested the usual way, through WorldShare, we can send them a form with all the information they need, and NLM is surprisingly quick to respond. Each request costs only $9.00 – a bargain when you think about the wealth of materials available. And the loan period is a generous 60 days (no renewals).

Visit NLM’s Digital Image Collection to see some fascinating pictures. NLM will copy many of these images if you need them. There is also a guide to other image collections on the NLM site.

You can find NLM holdings in WorldCat, but take a peek at their catalog, too.

Interested in some of the titles we’ve borrowed from the National Library of Medicine? There’s “Seven essential of health,” by Philip Welsh, “How to be a successful independent medical examiner,” by Christopher Brigham, “Handbook of integrative dermatology,” by Peter Lio, and “Psychiatric neurotherapeutics,” by Joan Camprodon, et al.

Those of us who work in interlibrary loan can provide important resources to promote health literacy and medical education. Please take advantage of all that the National Library of Medicine and other institutions can offer.



Comment from Nick Molinari, School Librarian, Milford High School

Perfect timing. I have a class researching diseases next week, so this is an excellent additional resource for them to use!


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