Fans of old movies might remember the all-star extravaganza from 1943 – “Thank Your Lucky Stars,” in which a stable of Warner Bros. favorites perform unlikely skits to support the war effort. Bette Davis launches into a husky version of “They’re Either Too Young or Too Old,” lamenting the fact that all the men still at home are simply “too gray or too grassy green.”

Bette’s point, although dated, might also provide a useful reminder for interlibrary loan items. It’s good to remember that you’ll have a hard time borrowing items that are too young (usually published within the last year), or too old (in general, over 100 years old).

But, despair not! As many of you probably know, there is another resource to which we can turn for items hailing from before 1923. This is the HathiTrust Digital Library, pronounced “haught-tee” (really! listen to the pronunciation guide). For more information, especially about open access and copyright nuances, please visit their access page, and take a peek at their Advanced Search Options.

Our team is always willing to try and borrow whatever your patrons need, however young or old, but we just wanted to slip in this small reminder that some resources are slightly more elusive. Thanks to programs such as the HathiTrust, however, we have more options than ever before.

Want to hear the inimitable Bette? Tune in here!



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