We love helping patrons, but, oddly, we never get to meet them. However, there are so many regular customers whose names have become familiar to us at MLS over the years. This blog post seeks to pay tribute to the faithful who keep coming back. We can’t mention any names, of course, but thought it might be interesting to list a few of their favorites.

There’s the movie buff in Western Mass, who unearths such gems as “Murder in the fleet,” and “I found Stella Parrish.”

And the patron who requests tons of books about cats: “Calico’s country cats,” “Psycho kitties,” “Wisdom of kittens,” and “My cat’s not fat, he’s just big-boned,” to list┬ájust a few!

We have one steady customer who seems to be working through every classical CD ever released: string quartets, violin concertos, piano quintets, symphonies, capriccios, sonatas – you name it, this patron has heard it!

And we have to smile every time we get a request from the fitness enthusiast who clamors for such items as “Gray hair and black iron : secrets of successful strength training for older lifters,” “Dinosaur training : lost secrets of strength and development,” and “Power : explosive training for athletic domination.”

One south coast regular is avid for audiobooks, whether on CD or audiocassette. He sometimes stumps us, but we try hard to find such titles as “Brat Farrar,” “A coffin for Dimitrios,” “Rough cider,” and “Journey into fear.”

We’re grateful for patrons such as these, as well as many others we could name. We look forward to seeing their names pop up in the patron field, and muse about their personalities and lives. And we feel just a touch of envy that ILL staff in our member libraries get to meet them in person.


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