We thought we’d use this week’s blog post to remind everyone that the interstate Delivery program with Rhode Island is still going strong. It’s been over a year now (goodness, time goes fast!), and our member libraries have borrowed hundreds of items from participating Rhode Island institutions, both public and academic. From Dr. Kildare to The art of jewelry making, Newport mansions to Lost in Woonsocket, we’re grateful for all the resources that came through Delivery from the Ocean State.

Mass libraries have been very generous, too, lending hundreds of books, films, audiobooks and CDs to our neighbor. Discovering your soul signature, The trouble with Texas cowboys, Fang the bat fiend, The snacking dead, Muppets on wheels, How to be a wildflower, and Old dogs, new math – these are just some of the gems Rhode Island libraries found in our holdings.

A quick reminder: you can visit the Rhode Island catalog to take a peek at the plethora of resources now open to our members. And the Rhode Island Delivery Index is a good resource for those three-letter codes that Optima uses on the RI slips.┬áThank you all for making this new program such a success. Please let us know if you have any questions, and let’s hope the interstate Delivery program will one day be extended to even more states!


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