You may not know that we can borrow items from the Archives of American Art, which is part of the Smithsonian. Their collection is full of primary sources that relate to the visual arts – diaries, letters, photos, films, A/V recordings, scrapbooks, etc. These items will not appear in WorldCat, so if your patron is looking for a rare item (usually on microfilm) to do with art or artists, this is a good resource to explore. Loans are free, and if the Smithsonian is willing to lend, they send items remarkably quickly. Please note: the website does not always open on Chrome, but we have had more luck with Firefox.

Items we’ve borrowed from the Archives of American Art include:

  • Ross and Dorothy Lake Gregory Moffett papers, circa 1870-1992
  • Otto and Ilse Gerson papers, 1933-1980
  • Stuart Davis papers, 1911-1966
  • Irving K. Manoir photograph and obituaries, 1957-1982
  • Pietro Pezzati papers
  • Jessie Willcox Smith papers, 1901-1931


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