Does your patron need to keep that book, DVD, musical CD, or audiobook just a bit longer? Not all lenders will allow you to renew, but most of them are very accommodating. And it’s easy to submit a renewal request through Clio. Just go into the relevant record, click on the “Update Options” tab, and then choose “RenewalRequest.” In the edit box called “Renewal Request Date,” please enter the desired new due date (not the current day’s date). Then click on the green Update button, and your renewal request will be sent to WorldShare and thence to the lender.

You should hear back from the lender within a few days, whether your request has been approved or not. If you hear nothing, please email us at

Sometimes you can tell quite easily if a lender offers renewals, although this information is not provided by all libraries. If you go into a record in Clio, then either click on the “More” plus sign (on the right), or click anywhere in the gray area at the top, the famous “hidden flap” is revealed. If you look over to the right, in the box that is revealed, occasionally the lender’s renewal policy is listed. Or you can always visit the lender’s website, and track down their interlibrary loan rules. Or, of course, you can email us at MLS, and ask for help!

If an item has taken an unconscionably long time to reach you, or if it has been mis-shipped, lenders should grant a renewal regardless of their policy. Please contact us in that case, and we can mediate for you with the lender.


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