[Contributed by MLS team member Jeffrey Wolfson]

Sometimes in ILL, you come across an Awsum book like Joe Awsum’s Beastmode 2 : blood in.

What’s not so Awsum is when there is something sticky that has latched onto it. Here is a solution provided by Gregor Trinkaus-Randall, who occasionally offers workshops on book restoration and preservation.

First, take a piece of tape (Gorilla tape works best) and wrap it in a loop around two of your fingers with the sticky side facing outwards. Then give several quick taps to the sticky surface on the book’s dustjacket with the loop. The adhesive from the tape on your fingers will start to pick up the residue on the book over time. For thicker substances, you may want to consider getting a book repair spatula like this one from University Products, which can also be used in other kinds of conservation work.

So, the next time you find goo, don’t say Awwww… just get Awwwwsum!!


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