The 12 participants of Project SET: Skills, Empowerment, Talent, gathered in our Marlborough office this week for their second daylong session. Project SET is a learning community guided by members of the Massachusetts Library System’s Consulting and Training Services team. Project participants gather six times during the program for a day of activities and discussions designed to develop their leadership skills as a trainer in the library community.

This month Project SET participants attended a morning training with accomplished Speech Coach, Amanda Parker. Ms. Parker’s presentation, a favorite from sessions past, eased them into the afternoon, when they practiced their public speaking skills with each other. Public speaking is a necessary, but often nerve wracking skill to develop. So, if you know any of the Project SET attendees, give them a pat on the back. They worked bravely this week.

Project SET is: Michelle Filleul, C.M. Flynn, Nicole Giroux, Natane Halasz, Allison Keaney, Sara Kelso, Alexander London, Danielle Masterson, Elizabeth McGovern, Kate Powers, Katie Beth Ryan, Linda St. Laurent, Amanda Fauver, April Mazza, Kelly Jo Woodside, and Christi Showman-Farrar