The MBLC is doing a statewide public library patron survey!

For the MBLC to better support public libraries across the Commonwealth, MBLC need to know who visits our libraries, why they visit them, and what users’ current and future expectations and desires are. The MBLC is undertaking a major study of cooperative borrowing and use patterns of Massachusetts public libraries, especially in-person visits by people that live in other Massachusetts cities and towns.

Ultimately, MBLC want to get a good picture of who is going to which libraries for what reason – such as specific programs, facilities, proximity to a workplace, parking, etc. This information can help them in identifying regional patterns and developing service models for future sustainable library services in all communities, from the largest to the smallest.

Please see the LibGuide at for all the information you’ll need to promote the survey, or contact Lauren Stara for more information.