Would building relationships with social services agencies help your library’s community?  Are you interested to provide more support for immigrants?  Are you curious to explore the viability of partnerships with social workers to offer social service referrals and create staff trainings on topics like diversity, poverty, and social justice? 

Join us for a community forum to explore library/social services partnerships.

 Background:  In August, MLS conducted a survey of the interest of Massachusetts library directors to partner with us to facilitate public library/social work partnerships. Over 50 library directors responded to the survey, and over half of the respondents expressed interest to collaborate with us. As a result of the survey, we decided to broaden the scope of this project from social work to social services partnerships.

How can you get involved?

Register to attend the forum at the location most convenient for you. 

What’s the agenda for the forum?

  • Learn about results of the survey and upcoming MLS programs.
  • If interested, share a brief update of your library’s experience. 
  • Participate in an innovation/ideation activity to identify future directions.  

 Would you like to share your experience at the forum?

MLS invites you to share a brief update (5-10 minutes) of your library’s experience with social services.  No slides required.  If you are interested, please email Michelle Eberle.  We look to you, the membership, to co-create solutions to the issues we discuss at the forums.  This may take the form of statewide and/or local task forces to move libraries forward toward shared solutions.  

 What is MLS already coordinating?

 Would you like to co-create library/social services partnerships?

  •  Identify opportunities for partnerships with social service agencies.
  • Connect libraries with social service agencies.
  • Explore interest and viability of social work student field placements at public libraries.

We hope you can join us to share your experience and let us know how we can best support the needs of your library and community.

Please reach out to Michelle Eberle at michelle@masslibsystem.org for further information.